Once you’ve made the decision to give your life to Christ…


Sometimes what comes next can be a little daunting. What are all these meetings? What do all these different people do in Church? What is the Bible and how do I read it? What do you mean, I’m a disciple? All these questions can often create a maze of possible paths to take in your walk with God. That’s why we believe it’s so important you get the best from your new life with Christ, without having to worry exactly how. As such we have a simple way you can launch your new life into being the greatest adventure you will ever embark on.


A series of  15-20 minute bible studies where we can meet you at your home to bless it, at a coffee shop to fellowship or even on skype if you are away from home.  


At The Rock Church, we believe spiritual growth is important. For that reason, we challenge every person to do life together with others in a Cell Group. Cell Groups are small groups within the larger church in which people connect and do life together, build friendships, learn God’s Word, serve together.

Each group is challenged to study the Bible weekly, hang-out together monthly, and serve together quarterly. Groups meet on campus, in homes, coffee shops and restaurants, all throughout the week and many are in different languages.

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bible institute 2
bible institute

Where you can gain more wisdom and understanding in a series of classes that will change your life! 


NG42 exists to redefine the new generation. We won’t tolerate the idea that students are incapable of having solid identity in God and a vibrant Christian life. This new youth culture is a community of students that follow God with enthusiasm. Our focus is inspiring students to become fully integrated, life-long members of the church.  Each week the NG42 staff aims to motivate students to deeper relationship with Jesus. They believe that the young people can embody the Big Idea of COL which is to love God, serve others, and live big.

NG42 meet together every week. Join us this week to find your place in the culture!


Single or married, we are here to help you as we journey through life. Check out the number of opportunities to get involved in a life group, participate in a class or service that is geared to your stage in life, and learn more about what The Rock Church has to offer adults like you.

A ministry is a specific Part of the church that…  to say simply, Helps propel the Gospel, not in the average way, but instead in every way, by any means, as we all gather and apply our gifts and Give them Back to God . There  are  many  ministries here at The Rock.  You can come, serve God, and do what you love to do, All within the Covering of the Lord! We offer a wide range of Focus groups including Ballet, Karate, Sports, Fitness, Film, Production, Dance, Drama as well as many Outreach Programs and Organizations To Give Back and Bring the Love of Christ to the Streets, into your Home, School, Job, and  Community.
Acts 1: But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Here at The Rock, Ministry Is a Way Of Life and a compelling mindset of knowing that Our Father has equipped us with all the tools necessary to preach the Gospel

“to the ends of the earth.” And we can do so by Harnessing, stimulating and cultivating our passion and giving it back To God!
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Because you are family we want to be in agreement with you in every area of your life! Please bring your prayer request so that we can come together in unity, with the power and authority that has been given to us to believe what God has in store for you and  to see His manifestation in your life. 

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