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… to change and touch peoples lives; to support, uphold, become the light of Jesus, and to build a Rock Church in every city, in every country, all over the world! Click Here

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The Rock Churches is a family of non-denominational churches reaching around the world with the Gospel of Christ.  Click Here

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From a simple apartment to arenas and churches around the world, learn about the history of the Rock Churches. Click Here

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Main Campus Days & Times

New York (Queens) Service Times


English 8:00am, 10:00am, 7:00pm

Spanish 8:00am, 11:45am, 7:00pm

Chinese (Mandarin) 11:30am, Filipino 5:30pm


Bible Institute with separate English and Spanish classes 6:45pm

Prayer Service (Only 1st Tuesday of the month) 7:30pm

Wednesday Night Service

English 7:30pm

Spanish 7:30pm

Friday Night Service

English 7:30pm

Spanish 7:30pm

Youth Service 7:30pm

Saturday Night Service

Spanish Youth Service 7:30pm

Little Rockies Kids’ Church Provided for all Services*

Orlando Services Times


English 8:00am (West Wing), 11:00am (Arena), 7:00pm (West Wing)

Spanish 10:00am (Lobby)



Bible Institute in English and Spanish 7:30pm

Prayer Service (Only 1st Tuesday of the month) 7:30pm

Wednesday Night Service

English (West Wing) 7:30pm, Spanish (Lobby) 7:30pm

Kids Choir Practice 7:30pm

Friday Night Service

Couples 7:30pm

Singles & Youth Service 7:30pm

Princess Ballet & ROK Karate 7:30pm

Little Rockies Kids’ Church Provided for all Services*

Why you’ll love it

God Healed My Little Boy!

God gave my son a second chance! He was born with an undiagnosed hole in his heart. By the time it was discovered it was so severe that the doctors didn’t think he could survive. But my church prayed, and they didn’t stop praying until he received a miracle. Today he is not only alive, but also healthy and strong!

We Struggled….But God Shined His Light Upon My Family

My family struggled financially for years. There were times when we couldn’t afford to put food on our table or gas in our car. But God blessed me with a new job I wasn’t looking for. That job quickly became a career opportunity that doubled my salary and gave me an ownership stake in the company in less than a year!

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